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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> our breaking news is from iran where a two-year nightmare is over. two americans are on their way
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home. we're joined now with the late breaking details. >> we have yet to see any sign of them yet, but the iranian state news agency have reported that they have been flown out of iran. it is not clear where they are headed but this brings the two year standoff to an end. a $1 million agreement had been reached. >> i still say the same thing god willing they will be released very soon. >> the american hikers, held in an iranian jail. mahmoud ahmadinejad made good on his promise releasing the americans from the iranian prison once and for all.
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>> we act upon whatever we say. when we say we will release them we will release them. >> the two americans plus an american woman were hiking in iraq in 2009 when they say that they accept the cross over into iran where they were intercepted and arrested. since then it has been an international tug of war to get them released. >> i told you before, i was waiting for the judge's signature, which i manage to get today. >> the problem is now solved, as diplomats are in front of the jail on standby before finally letting them make their way home for good. >> the american woman that was hiking with them was freed on bail last year. live in the newsroom, abc 7
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news. >> thank you. those families must be so relieved. an investigation into whether an armored car robbery and shooting are connected. police say that a car and truck was hijacked in northwest. reports are that shots were fired during the robbery. gunshot wounds were dropped off at a washington center. police believe it was the third suspect involved in the robbery. two of loose, and we will bring you the latest as soon as we get more information. turning to the weather more rain clouds will linger in in an hour. >> skies are beginning to get brighter outside as we take a look at the weather. current temperatures are warming up slowly.
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73 degrees right now in dallas. 72 at the reagan national airport. look at the visibility. up to 10 miles for reagan national. showers on the way later this afternoon. a rumble of thunder the likelihood for a storm is limited. a look at the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you so much. more than 18 months after video surfaced of a university of maryland student being built -- being beaten too heavy blow prince george's county police officers are facing charges. we all live, in college park, with the latest on this controversial case.
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>> as you said, it has been 18 months. we know that these officers have been with the department for quite some time. many students are asking why it took so long. >> the officers are facing assault and misconduct charges in connection with the alleged beating of jack mckenna caught on camera. his grandfather says it is the kind of thing that his family bill never forget. >> what kind of message does that send to the people of the community of prince george's county? >> some students believe that they were provoked, others believe that the officer took it too far. >> [inaudible]
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>> id is their job to contain it. but how far should they go? >> one of the officers said that this case was not about police misconduct. it was about lawlessness following university of maryland athletic events. they went on to say that citizens to serve unlawful environment. students called the charges fair, others are wondering why it took 1 1/2 years. >> in a statement issued by the fraternal order of police, they have respectfully ask for the judicial system to way over the facts of this case when it comes to judging the innocents as they would for any other citizen.
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live in college park, brie and carter. >> we will be watching as well. thank you. students will gather tonight in honor of one of their own. dominick frazier was stabbed to death in a dormitory hallway last thursday. the roommate is charged with the murder and the campus is honoring his memory. >> it has been almost one week since dominick frazier was murdered and as many students mourn the loss of their fellow classmate, alexis simpson is behind bars, facing murder charges, charged with stabbing her roommate after an argument in their on campus suite. >> she will be missed. she was a college students. she has been brought the for college experience because someone took it too far.
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>> students say that this tragedy has brought the campus together. a memorial is being hosted tonight in frazier's honor. >> people have been supporting each other, talking to each other, and i think that that is very important. >> they plan to attend the vigil, not only to pay respects but also to show support for the university. >> i do not appreciate people saying that they are embarrassed to come here. >> she says there's nothing she would rather do than pay respects. abc 7 news. >> new and noon, moments ago president obama addressed
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palestinian hate -- statehood before the nation. the u.s. insists that statehood cannot be recognized as long as hamas is a part of gaza. >> the question is not the goal. the question is, how do we reach it? i am convinced that there is no shortcut to the end of a conflict that has endured for decades. >> mahmoud abbas will send a formal letter requesting statehood. the u.s. has said they will veto it. a van jumped a fence outside of the white house, near the western entrance gate. the unidentified man was reportedly carrying a backpack. nothing dangerous was reported
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to be inside. the man now faces an unlawful entry charges. in the effort to save a convicted cop killer from execution, trade davis is scheduled to die by lethal injection tonight. he is hoping for a last-minute reprieve by a march from the university to capitol hill. he is wanted for the 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer in georgia. since then, several witnesses have recanted. federal courts have repeatedly upheld the conviction. our taxpayers footing the bill for lavish spending at the justice department? the washington times reports a new audit that criticizes the department for wasteful spending. it includes $76 per person for lunch. they also spent $16 for every
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muffin and more than $8 for a cup of coffee. today in georgetown, friends and family are gathering to remember carol kennedy. her funeral mass was held this morning. she died last friday after collapsing at the age of 61. 68 years after their deaths, airmen will be buried today. their plane took off. remains were recovered in 1949, remaining unidentified for decades. it will be buried with full military honors. coming up, nature's fury strikes again in japan.
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the death toll, rising again after tragedy at an air show. and why are some energetic local residents hitting the national mall? how long the next electionis is
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>> and 11th victim has died in nevada following the plane crashed at an air show. it will become the deadliest racing disaster in u.s. history. the 70-year-old stunt pilot also died in the unexplained crash. his fighter plane plunged into the stands of friday's show. get ready for it impact. even earlier than previously thought. nafta is saying that a falling satellite could hit the earth as early as tomorrow. experts will have an idea on where the satellite hits. if you find a piece of it, nasa says not to pick it up, it may have sharp edges.
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they estimate that a person's chance of being struck by that debris is one in 21 trillion. japan now more than a million people have been ordered to evacuate as a powerful landfall with at least six people having been killed, impacting the area hit by last year's tsunami. more than 17 inches of rain in a single day. those people cannot get a break. >> unbelievable. fortunately, we are not looking at anything like it -- like what we saw a couple of weeks ago. rain is on the way, we could see a few inches by the time this week is over. by the time that we reach the weekend, it will be blue skies again. maybe a little bit of instability, but not counting on much for the daytime hours
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generally showers across the mid-atlantic. 72 degrees at reagan national. the viewpoint is in the upper six because, coming out of the southeast. the wind is not much of a factor. injures their force base, and in alexandria, temperatures are up 71 degrees. heading down to fredericksburg, looking at 73 degrees we have a newly named storm ophelia right over here with wind moving at 60 miles per hour. it is going to continue this westerly track for the next several days. it looks like this is the uncertainty across the antilles.
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beyond for the ricoh, -- beyond puerto rico, a lot can change between now and then. keep it to and here to abc 7 and low pressure to the north of us with that line all of the way from the south the next 48 hours will call for the showers to stick around tomorrow. finally, things will start to clear up as we moved into the upcoming weekend. 79 degrees for a daytime high showers when they become heavy. but for 70 cost were bound 80's with showers and storms and an extended outlook. temperatures in the upper 70's as we move into the upcoming weekend.
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>> sounds great. today, 500 young seniors are lacing up their shoes for everybody walk week. they do this every week. all 1000 members have reported producing symptoms from diabetes and impact -- and losing weight. everybody walk
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>> breaking news that we are
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following this noon. police are investigating an armored car robbery and shooting. suspects targeted a truck in the 6500 block of georgia avenue, nw. we have the late breaking details. suzanne? >> right now in the emergency room there are a slew of officers, as well as a crowd that is believed to have been evicted and may have been a suspect in this case, driven to the hospital within the last hour. we want to show you the video tape of what is going on over there. this all started in the 6500 block of georgia avenue. that is when it is believed that three men attempted to rob a security truck armored vehicle. one man was shot. we believe that the second brought him here in a bronze
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color toyota matrix. leaving that vehicle here. authorities are looking at that vehicle, trying to figure out who it belongs to. they are, no doubt running the license plate, trying to figure out who it belongs to. two men in this area were also involved in that allegedly robbery. k-9 throughout the area with officers on foot, trying to find the other men associated with this crime. one man is being treated right now, meaning it is a very serious injury. we will be staying on top of this throughout the day bringing you the latest tonight at 5:00. >> thank you so much, suzanne.
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free year of pizza. >> my gosh, share. better days ahead this upcoming weekend. near 80 degrees as we move into a better chance for storms with heavier rain on friday. nighttime lows in the 60's. go to, you can check out the weather forecast. you also check out our facebook page. >> sign up to
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